Long Line Training Course

  • valid medical
  • Completed study of the Marshaller Syllabus

Duration:7 training days with FI (ECS), divided into
2 training days with one ground crew member
4 training days with two ground crew members

Contents:20 flying lessons
1 training day of theoretical instruction
1 day of introductory course "Marshaller ground instruction for pilots"
detailed theoretical briefing before and after flights

This training aims to teach participants the techniques of Long Line flying in 3 stages together with flying with vertical reference points.

The training course begins with a one-day theoretical introductory course "Marshaller ground instruction for pilots".
This course deals with  the following sub-items:

  1. Legal requirements / regulations
  2. Flight characteristic requirements
  3. Structure and design
  4. Operational limits
  5. Pilot┬┤s Operating Hand Book
  6. Landing
  7. Identification and posting
  8. Airworthiness Certificate
  9. Emergency operation
  10. Operating regulations
  11. Transport of passengers
  12. Training of crew members
  13. Cooperation / communication / hand signals between pilot and marshallers
  14. Installation / safeguarding / shutting off load depositing areas